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Dr. Challotine Cius-Bonds


I am a board certified Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Natural Medicine and Natural Health Practitioner. I also have degrees in  Herbology, Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consulting. I own Janou Natural Health & Wellness(JNHAW) in Atlanta, Ga.

JNHAW provides an array of culturally inspired African and Caribbean products, holistic healthcare services and blog  for health conscious women. Followers receive tips, videos and information on an array of topics like;  preventative health, sustainable growth, lifestyle, fashion, family, current affairs and the things that matter most to them. My goal is to provide access to a wealth of resources and information to help women make great decisions for their personal health and their families.

I have also studied Dr. Andrew Weil’s optimum health methods, alternative medicines and business.  I have worked with clients in healthcare, food safety, environmental safety, IT and USDA/FDA approved manufacturing facilities. I've developed adult and children’s meal plans and nutritional labeling for USDA/FDA facilities and schools. I provide services to clients with a variety of health concerns to improve their overall health. I also provide custom health plans to address health concerns like; pediatric nutrition, prenatal and postnatal nutrition, detoxification, hypertension, anxiety, cancer, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, infertility, chronic pain, candidiasis, weight management, diabetes and many others. My key focus is an initiative to quality care, listening and spending time with my clients to get to the source of the problem while teaching them about preventative care.

My goal is to deliver affordable, natural and holistic health services and products for women and children alongside conventional methods to provide an optimal health experience. Join my newsletter and receive exclusive tips and discounts. (
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Awards and Affiliations
  • Alternative Medical Practitioner, American Alternative Medical Association, 2016
  • Natural Health Practitioner Certification, Texas Chiropractic College, 2016
  • GA-Haitian American Chamber of Commerce, Member, 2018
  • American Association of Drugless Practitioner, Qualified
  • American Alternative Medicine Association Certification, Currently Acquiring
  • OSHA/HIPPA Certified, 2006


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Founder of Fashion Feed

Dr. Challotine Cius-Bonds

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