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Deepti Arora

creating choices in alternative healthcare

I have turned my corporate operations skills, entrepreneurial experience and personal belief in healing modalities into a venture Being a caregiver to a child with auto immune, I experienced the limitations of conventional treatments and the benefits of different healing modalities.
Healclinic is my attempt to reach out to people who are facing health and life challenges and educate, create awareness and connect them to an appropriate therapy and practitioner. My vision is to make these therapies accessible to one and all and get people to live their lives holistically. We offer different therapies like Reiki, Pranic healing, Theta Healing, Tarot reading, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Dolphin healing, Angelic healing, Yoga, Nutrition, Ayurveda, and many more.
We create customised healing sessions which are administered online through video or audio.  We also run offline and online workshops where you can learn and experience different modalities.
Along with running healclinic, I am a NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Progamming) Coach and a life counsellor where I work with women to empower them to make their own choices and take control of their lives.
So if you are looking for help with any health or life challenge, you can call us at +91 8050003237 or write in to us at or register at We will help you connect with the right practitioner at a time and place convenient to you and at affordable prices.

Awards and Affiliations

Certified NLP coach

ICF certified life coach

Trained personal counselor


Causes and Organizations

I believe
-          all women should work and be a part of decision making inorder to solve many socio economic issues of the society
-          we all have the ability to solve our physical, emotional and spiritual problems, we need…

Deepti Arora

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