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Proof That Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

November 22, 2019

Symptoms aren’t normal, something to get used to, something that you just need to accept. They’re a warning sign, a sign of dis-ease. Left unchecked, they impact every experience that’s meant to be filled with joy. Often, these symptoms which can be physical, mental and emotional, are tied to one of the most painful of…

Rewiring the Brain So You Can Bounce Back from Setbacks Faster and Easier

July 18, 2017

According to Linda Graham, psychotherapist and author of Bouncing Back, resilience is: “The capacity to respond to pressures and tragedies quickly, adaptively and effectively.” So why do we need to be resilient? It’s inevitable that in our lifetimes, circumstances will come along that throw us off track. We can lose a job…or lose a loved…

Evaluating Your Relationships

February 22, 2017

You may have heard the saying: “People are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” What’s that all about and why do some relationships work and others don’t? Let’s talk about it… Relationships are largely about needs. There’s a give and take where each person has their own set of needs…

Navigating Through the Storms of Life

February 1, 2017

Sooner or later they hit. Without any warning, while you’re minding your own business, a storm comes out of nowhere and rocks your world. Whether it’s a financial crisis, an illness, or the death of a loved one, something comes along which creates for you a psychological earthquake where your world is now divided into…

Is Communication a Lost Art?

January 31, 2017

Years ago there was a song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Remember that one? It was about the death of radio because of the birth of music videos. Yes, music videos have their place in the world but I think radio is still a powerful way of introducing and promoting new music into the main-stream…

First Class Karma-A Second Time

October 19, 2016

So it’s happened twice where I’ve been bumped from coach to 1st class when flying simply by doing something nice. The first time it happened was around 2 years ago. I saw that a family wasn’t sitting together so I offered to move my seat so they could. The woman said; “That’s very nice of…

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