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Debbra Lupien is a spiritual teacher, international bestselling author, and Voice of the Akashic Records. She believes that the most important question in life is: What feeds my soul? When you figure that out and do it you’ll be unstoppable, and that’s when the real fun begins.

Her international best selling book, Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual To You, has become a catalyst for personal transformations across the globe. Inspired by Akasha Unleashed, people come to Debbra seeking guidance on their purpose and life journey.

Debbra’s specialty is helping awakening souls expand their consciousness and find what feeds their soul. It’s magical, liberating and best of all fun!


The Moment Everything Changed

As a young girl Debbra was publicly shamed for being illegitimate. In that moment the course of her life changed. When her accuser pointed her finger and made her proclamation, Debbra felt like a piece of garbage that had been wadded up and discarded.

The impact of that moment was far reaching. The happy outgoing child who sang all the time morphed into an extreme introvert who did her best to remain invisible. It was decades before she was able to haul her self esteem out of the basement and once more find the courage to be seen.

The catalyst for this remarkable transformation was the Akashic Records. A passion was ignited within Debbra to help others discover their worth, to realize the truth of who they are: magnificent souls, not broken, perfect just as their Creator made them.


Fast Forward To The Present

A lifelong seeker of wisdom, Debbra excels when teaching through sharing inspirational anecdotes along with lessons gleaned from her work and studies — particularly the healing experiences she has been privileged to facilitate with suicide, rape, and trauma survivors.

You may find Debbra hosting live or virtual, channeled events, sharing inspiration and wisdom from her spiritual studies with an appreciative audience.


An Invitation To Well Being

From time to time a special meditation is downloaded during channeling. These meditations are always energetically charged for maximum impact. One such meditation is Well-Being Attunement, it’s like taking a mini vacation. You’ll experience deep relaxation and delicious peacefulness. This meditation can be used as often as you like. I invite you to give it or any of the other meditations on a try. They’re free — gifts from the Akashic realm.


Bask in appreciation for YOU



“I just finished your book that I found on Aspire’s Top 10 and it absolutely resonated with me. I thought your words were actually speaking to ME! Thank you so much for appearing in my life at the right time. I am a late bloomer but better late than never. In addition I found the meditation treat so powerful and intense. I haven’t experienced anything like that before. I am struggling with meditation and yet your meditation was so easy and so intense for me. Energy pulsating from head to toe. Just wanted to let you know how your book and your meditation have changed me.”

Jan Hartig Zvara


“Hey Debbra, just want to tell you I will be playing piano in a recital at Steinway Hall in NYC. I wouldn’t even be playing piano had it not been for your Akashic Reading a few years ago directing me to do it!! I’ve been really enjoying it, and writing a song that will appear on a CD also!”

Paula Taylor


“I wanted to tell you that I returned to the birthday akashic reading I had with you to pick up some little nuggets of information. I was blown away by how different I sound. I can tell that energetically I was on such a different level then. And it’s only been a little over 2 months! I just can’t believe how fast everything is elevating, but what a ride it is! Reading my own energy as a ‘disinterested’ third party observer. Really wild.”



“I had the great joy of meeting Debbra Lupien this week. I wish I’d known about her book and her work before I had other Akashic records readings because Debbra’s insightful wisdom and gifts are unlike any others I’ve encountered. See for yourself!”

Brook Packard


“Almost done reading your book….there are so many synchronicities within these pages that parallel you and I on a level that I cannot even explain. At the moment…..I am flooded with so many emotions and the biggest one for me is the need to release 100 lifetimes of tears that feel sooo deep but it leaves me speechless at the same time! Love and light to you dear one!!”

Denise Guilbeault


“It was so great to meet you and thank you for the reading.” It was a great validation and reminder of what I should be focusing on and allowing. This is such a valuable tool for people to get some real clarity on their path.”

Seema Giri


Debbra Lupien

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