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Clincial Nutritionist /NASM, ACE Personal Trainer/ Yoga & Meditation Instructor/Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner/Indigo Adult

Dawn A. Sharp, a New Jersey native, is a highly Inspired Clinical Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Pilates, Yoga Instructor and Meditation Practitioner, specializing in Envisioning Techniques, Auto-Suggestion and Quantum Meditation. Dawn has been a Professional Personal Trainer for nearly Two Decades and focuses her work on educating people to Embrace a Healthy, Vibrant Lifestyle. Psychology and the Power of Achievement are TWO main focuses in her custom programs. Dawn designes Wellness programs and provides Nutritional Protocols, Behavior Modification and Stress Management through Yoga, Pilates, Breath-work, Meditation, Thai Massage and Nutritional Cleansing. 

Dawn teaches Weightloss/Lifestyle Transformation and Healthy Aging Techniques in Corporate Training sessions, Workshop sessions and One-on-One Consultations. Her Primary Focus is how to achieve Permanent Weight loss without Dieting, how to Dis-arm Stress, Nurture the Mind/Body and Practice Methods for Nourishing the Brain to its Highest Potential. 

Her whole body -Holistic approach encompasses all aspects of mind, body and soul. In addition to these modalities, Dawn includes the following in her CUSTOM therapy plans:

Sports Nutrition; Sports  Performance; Energy; Weightloss; Healthy Aging; Ayurvedic Nutrition; Addiction; Eating Disorders; Emotional Well-being; Obesity; IBS, Crohn's Disease; Kineseology Testing; pH Balancing; Vegan/Vegetarian; Corporate Wellness; Stress Management; Diabetes; Detox/Nutritional Cleansing; Sleep Disorders; Hyper-Tension; Muscular Balancing; Low Back Stabilization; Post Rehab Exercise Program Design; Personal Development; Health Coaching; Entrepreneurial Mentorship; Wealth Creation

Dawn is a National Public Speaker, Workshop Presenter and Seminar Instructor with plans to release her first book Fall 2016. Stay Connected with Dawn and Learn to LIVE IN YOUR STRENGTH! 



Dawn Sharp

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