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Danielle Leibovici, LMFT

It's Time To BLOOM to your Full Potential and PURPOSE!

Danielle Leibovici is a marriage family therapist, best selling children's author, advocate, mom, and the creator of the Let's Be Honest Movement. She is currently leading the Let's Be Honest Transfromative Growth Groups for Women and hosts the weekly syndicated LIVE Let's Be Honest Podcast, ranked "New and Noteworthy" on Itunes. In a world of contrived reality, Danielle believes in the power of bringing people together from all ages and backgrounds to share the perfectly imperfect REAL parts of our lives.  “It is just incredible to discover the common threads of our own stories. At the end of the day we just want the same things: to be heard, to be valued, to be loved. I try to do that and I also try to find the funny, because if you can laugh about your struggles, you are halfway to overcoming them.”
She writes the multi award winning, Amazon #1 best-selling Under The Tree Children's Series where each book conveys a universal truth for both children and adults to connect and share. "If you are going to be reading to your children, you might as well get something out of it, too,” she says. Danielle has used her series to campaign for causes that matter such as the March of Dimes and The Institute for Families.
She is an invited guest on radio and television, and has been featured on the cover of various newspapers and guest blogs. She is also a big advocate of peace and coexistence in the Middle-east and Israel.  “We are all children of Abraham folks.” Danielle also loves improv comedy and is a huge believer in the concept of  “Yes…and__
Danielle lives in Los Angles, CA. She lives with her family in Los Angeles.  She has three beautiful children who hold up some pretty honest mirrors of self-reflected love and self-reflected fear. “They don’t call ‘em our greatest gifts for nothing.”
In addition to her transformative groups, Danielle offers one-to-one coaching packages via Skype and in person.
Visit and join the Let’s Be Honest community today.
"Let's drop the facade, and share what's REAL”…

Danielle Leibovici, LMFT

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