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Daniel Bousho

Living inside a body and brain

What About Wellness is an idea about helping from the mind of  Dan Bousho.

This is Dan here, and I want to let you know my accomplishments include being a successful father, husband, writer, and fitness follower/evangelist.

Much like you'll read about on What About Wellness, I have lived many of the solutions in life and my own family.

Rather than simply commit my own experiences to yet another “fitness site and blog” my idea is to create a universe where wellness is the focus. That focus is the whole of life, not just physical fitness.

The result is What About Wellness.

The research is based on real world information and events, some of which has affected my life very closely.  Through these experiences, I want to bring a fresh look to the on-line world of fitness and wellness.

I am married (second time around, this one took), I have two grown children, I’ve lost 50 pounds since deciding to get healthy, exercise regularly, and I once was obese, unhealthy, and chronically depressed.

I’m glad I decided to write about wellness, through it I think I can write about things otherwise inaccessible to me. It is my hope that where I’ve had to stretch the imagination to the topics and lives outside my own, I’ve done so as faithfully as any man can.


Daniel Bousho

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