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Christa Rae Pacheco

Personalized Natural Healing for Body, Mind & Soul

Christa’s early life experiences ignited within her a deep passion to first discover and then share the meaning of life and consciously use the power and wisdom of our Essential Nature to create health, harmony and fulfillment, inside and out.

She left her birthplace of Switzerland - at the age of 20 - and moved to the US soon after graduating from the College of Art in Bern. Her life-long mission to raise conscious awareness and vision for humanity to experience true lasting happiness, has resulted in a full spectrum practice in the field of energy and bio-medicine.

Christa is fully connected to Source and receives the philosophies, metaphors and parables she imparts directly through this connection.

Christa and her husband Tim, who is a hospice musician, live on the Central Coast of California. They are incredibly happy to be blessed with six adult children, as well as three grandchildren, who thrive on making their own creative imprints in the awesome Universe we live in.

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Biomedx Chicago


Christa Rae Pacheco

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