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Becky Wilbur

Living Life Better...Find the Good!

I am Becky.  I have many roles and titles-mom to Lexy and Kelly and dog, Sadie, widow (married for 34 years before Dennis died unexpectedly in 12/2016), Happiness Whisperer, Wise-Hearted Woman, Silver Lining Specialist and Whateverist.  I am a wise-hearted woman who chooses to live with ease. Well-Being is the vision that lights my way with peace and love.  As an encourager, healer and champion for flourishing and contentment, I am honored to inspire and guide others on their journey of change.

I am not an expert, and I don't have all the answers about how and why we do things.  I am a human with lots of questions and ideas, who is choosing to live life better by embracing many practices of well-being that are constantly evolving.  I continually try to find the good.

You can find me on Facebook at Whispers from a Wise-Hearted Woman or Well-Being and Wonder or visit the website for Well-Being and Wonder at

I will be presenting with Janette Stuart at SoulTreat in Sedona.  Our theme is Reset and the name of our workshop is Reset Remedy Vortex.  We have many uplifting and energizing activities planned for stepping into the living life better vortex!

My current guiding mantra is :

Ease in my life. Peace in my heart. Wellness in my body. Gratitude for all. Love all around.  Pause.  I feel good.

Becky Wilbur

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