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Atousa Raissyan

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I am a Shaman, certified Energy Healer, spiritual teacher, and an award-winning transformational digital artist.  I help my clients, which includes individuals and small business owners looking to live their best lives, either by exploring their natural talents, starting a new business or a career, or achieving their purpose in life and their personal goals.  As a heart-centered transformational healer and spiritual teacher, I have extensive experience in, and passion for, helping individuals to discover and tap into their “true self”, in order to unlock their potential to experience their desired life, in terms of abundance, relationship and personal well being.

I believe we are all continuous work in progress and transforming ourselves, especially if we have actively chosen to take the spiritual path of releasing, clearing and aligning. My own transformation and healing journey to become aligned with my truth, and fully loving and accepting myself, has been my training ground to perfect the healing modalities that I use for my clients now; which includes my very own modality of tetralogy healing. The different healing modalities I use helps  rewire  the  emotional,  mental,  physical  and  the energy bodies for my clients.

My clients typically come to me with different issues such as, physical and/or emotional issues, relationship problems, past traumas, abuse, grief, anxiety and stress, unhappiness with current job, feeling stuck, procrastination, etc.  I help clean and clarify their vision, and remove the barriers they  have  built  to  self  love  and  acceptance.  I help  them  to  reconnect  with  their  own energy and that of the universe so that they feel safe and supported.

My healing space provides a sanctuary for my clients to feel safe and at peace, so that they can express themselves freely knowing that they are not being judged, and what they discuss with me, stays confidential.  Many clients share that by just walking into my space they feel at ease and at peace, which is well suited for releasing and healing. 

I am most proud of the positive  impact  I have made in my client's lives which is reflected in my client testimonials. My goal, wish and desire for people in general is for them to realize that they are whole and complete; that universe is with working with them, so that they can trust the process of life; for them to start using and trusting their own guiding system and not that of others and society; and finally for them to experience the love, joy and magic that this life has to offer.

I am so grateful for my clients to allow me to be part of their journey and love empowering them.  I love seeing the progress that they have made from their initial visit.  Each of my clients have a special place in my heart and I feel blessed to be their guide, and to know someday they will be healing others on their path.

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Atousa Raissyan

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