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Anthony Gold

Happiness is a choice, not a consequence |

Hi, I'm Anthony.

Growing up as a very logical, question-everything, naysayer kind of person, notions such as self-awareness and personal growth held very little meaning for me. In fact, I questioned the integrity of people who dabbled in such cerebral nonsense. But then I had an experience that turned my life upside down ( Following which, I discovered the key to true happiness.

Having realized how much my life was full of judgment and passive-aggressive attack, I began a quest to become more kind, self-aware, and less fearful. A quest to transform my very limited ways of thinking into the realization that our thoughts determine our reality. I write about and share ( my experiences and lessons-learned with the goal of helping others (and myself) on this journey we all share.

I spent many years in the business world buying in to the belief that success was defined by position, power, and money. Thankfully I had terrific mentors who helped me see the tragic errors of my ways and reshaped both my character and my career. I’ve had the great fortune of being a CEO, entrepreneur, startup investor, software developer, and computer hardware engineer. I fell in love with building social impact companies that could make a difference in the world. And I particularly enjoy helping develop leaders with a passion to make such a difference. You can read a bit more about me here (

Anthony Gold

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