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    Annie Pool posted an update
    The effects of cancer don't simply end when treatment stops. . Many people coping with cancer find it hard to fit back into their old lives again after they get their doctor's all clear. . Life just isn't the same. . They don't like the way their old clothes look. Wearing them only reminds them of the person they can no longer be. . Often cancer survivors are terrified to date. Or they struggle with intimacy challenges in their relationships. . What's more, after a prolonged loss of income, their financial health is less than vibrant. . If you know someone who has survived cancer and is doing their best to cope with these challenges, they don't have to suffer alone. . I am putting together a team of experts to create a program that addresses all these areas. It's called, "Heal Your Life After Cancer™. . If you want to be the first to know about it, simply send me a DM with your email address. ~ Annie Pool FUCK-CANCER-3

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