Ownership Opportunity in The Wellness Universe

Welcome! Founder of The Wellness Universe Anna Pereira has opened the opportunity to join The Wellness Universe as an owner and active partner.

We have big plans and we are looking for someone/group who can hit the ground running and keep up with us to grow The Wellness Universe to the next level. This is an investment/ownership opportunity for the right person/group who desires to make the world a better place and desires to be an active part of the organization.

The Wellness Universe is a woman owned company, self-funded, founded in 2014. We are expanding and see this opportunity as a start-up based off of a proven up and running business with a great reputation.

We are seeking a co-owner who fits our organization and below you will see personal, professional, and financial requirements to be considered to work along side Anna Pereira in taking The Wellness Universe to the next level.

The Wellness Universe mission, vision, and overview can be found here 

Once you have read the About Us page and align with who we are and what we do and find this an exciting opportunity to bring your great value to amplify our mission, further our impact, grow The Wellness Universe, and you are inspired to be part of The Wellness Universe as a working owner with your great contribution, please read on.

Anna has over 100 recommendations on her Linkedin profile. You can review them here.

Some of these pre-qualifications may sound trivial, silly, or even pointless, however, if you understand the depth of these pre-qualifications, you will know we seriously consider a holistic approach to a successful partnership. Anna is looking for nothing less than what she has to offer and someone to compliment what is already established to grow The Wellness Universe to the next level.

Pre-qualifications for an individual or small company :

  • You are an experienced business owner with at least 10 years combined experience as an owner, co-owner, CEO, etc. OR have headed up a division, founded start-ups, have the know-how to run a business and specifically in the wellness or coaching industry.
  • You have experience and/or knowledge of the wellness, self-help, well-being industry, coaching, and/or wellness programs for groups.
  • You are a visionary and see the potential to take The Wellness Universe brand to the next level.
  • Your understand and value the importance of community, collaboration, human equity and 1+1=3 as foundations to success.
  • You are committed, a problem solver, and work well with others.
  • You are dedicated to making the world a better place and leaving a legacy that reflects that.
  • You are ready for a medium – long term project.
  • You have a personal support system that encourages you OR you are independent and happy.
  • You seek ownership in a established company who is expanding after you; have retired OR have had your own business OR seek to be part of something greater OR see the potential where your skillset and expertise can find a new home.
  • You have no criminal record.
  • You have the financial means to invest capital into The Wellness Universe in exchange for ownership as well as dedicate your time to build the business.
  • Your net worth is over 1.5 million US dollars and you have access to funds to sustain your lifestyle. This is NOT the investment, we are only considering people who have the backing to support themselves as a co-owner. 
  • You have goosebumps and your gut is telling you this is the opportunity you have been seeking.

If you have answered yes to the above, next step is to fill out this form and we will be in touch to schedule a call.