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Upcoming Webinars

Learn the Lenormand Card Divination System (Part 1 of 3)

* Some history, difference between Lenormand & Tarot, Choosing a deck, finding YOUR way to read & sticking with it, the cards & their definitions, the tarot association in Lenormand, numerology, context, Charting the cards & Journaling. Reading cards in combinations exercises (Drills) Class Two (Save the date… Sat Feb 11th) * Asking GREAT questions,…

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Cost: $30

A Cuppa Wellness with Corey Poirier – The Better Life Formula – REVEALED

Join us each month for a master class with one of the stellar members of The Wellness Universe. You will get a chance to meet the soul behind their profile and not only walk way inspired but also educated. This month’s guest is Corey Poirier. In this episode of A Cuppa wellness, Corey will reveal…

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Previous Webinars on Demand

Path Of The Healer – Aligning With Sacred Service and Divine Abundance

Calling all healers and healer wanna-be’s! Get this New Year of to a great start! We are living in a historical time of great change. While this is nothing new, it doesn’t eliminate the need for global healing, both with the masses and on an individual level. People are hurting and need your help. However…

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Cost: $45

Feel Good Aroma Feng Shui

Your external world is a reflection of your internal world! It is often said that your home is a reflection of your personal self-care and self love. This introductory FREE webinar will provide and overview of how to combine basic Feng Shui principles and Essential Oils to inspire emotional balance and well-being within, and for…

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Power of Tribe Marketing To Grow Your Holistic Business with Laura Rubinstein

Join Us For This FREE Live Webinar with Laura Rubinstein, CHt Savvy Social Media and Marketing Mentor Business Transformation Strategist Author of bestseller, Social Media Myths Busted Social Media Marketing is the secret sauce to business growth. But do you know the key ingredients involved to stand out from the crowd, attract visitors who engage…

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‘Step Up To Simple Self-Care’ Webinar Series

Join Anaiis Salles, International Energy Healer, life coach, spiritual mentor, and Author of the forthcoming book Living Lessons Library:Confessions of a Serial Manifestor and her guest host, Anastacia Townsend.

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Cost: $25

‘The Wellness Universe Success Circle – Deciding & Demanding Your Worth’ Mastermind

Welcome to The Wellness Universe Success Circle – Mastermind with a twist! Join Daniel Gutierrez in this ongoing mastermind and mentoring group, as he shares his insight on how to take your passion and turn it into a successful business and coaches you into creating that powerful business you really want.

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Connecting and Working with Archangel Haniel for Healing

Archangel Haniel is the angel of grace, spiritual awakening, intuition and psychic sensitivity. She aids in Divine communication and in the ancient magic of healing. She governs feminine power and the cycles of the moon by way of releasing the old with the full moon and in manifesting the new with the new moon. She…

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Inside Scoop to Publish, Market & Sell Your Book

If you have been told to write a book, have written a book, or are thinking of writing a book then this webinar is for YOU! Navigating the world of book publishing can be daunting and expensive. Find out from Rev. Patricia Brooks, CEO and Founder of Sacred Stories Publishing, the real skinny on professional…

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Cost: $39