Soccerex 2023 Wellness Experiences

Welcome to Self-Care Tools to Achieve Your Peak Performance:

Exclusive Wellness Experiences Live at Soccerex 2023 November 14 & 15 

Are you a high achiever constantly seeking ways to enhance your professional excellence? Look no further! We invite you to explore a range of powerful techniques and exercises designed to help you reach your highest potential. Guided by experts in their fields, these practices will empower you to excel in your career while achieving inner calm and balance.

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Your Self-Guided Self-Care Video Experience Offers 7 Options:

Are you ready to unlock your full potential and achieve peak performance? Join us on this journey of self-discovery and growth with these expert-guided practices.
Elevate your career and well-being simultaneously, and become the high achiever you were born to be.

Alternate Nostril Breathing
Breathwork Exercise
Calm the Mind Guided
by Elizabeth Kipp

Discover the power of alternate nostril breathing to center your mind and reduce stress.
Elizabeth Kipp will guide you through this ancient technique, helping you find balance and clarity.


Directed Doodling
Creativity Mindfulness Exercise
Achieve Your Calm Flow State
Guided by Jane Ramsey

Unleash your creativity and reach a state of calm flow through directed doodling.
Join Jane Ramsey to tap into your potential and enhance mindfulness.


Nature Sanctuary
Guided Meditation Visualization
Release Your Worries & Stress
Guided by Sharon Carne

Escape to a tranquil nature sanctuary with Sharon Carne’s guided meditation visualization.
Let go of worries and stress as you immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of nature.


3 Minutes to Well-being
A Mindful Self-Compassion Break
For Self-Forgiveness & Resilience
Guided by Anna Pereira

Take just three minutes to nourish your well-being.
Anna Pereira will lead you in a mindful self-compassion break to foster self-forgiveness and resilience.


A Simple Way to Ground
5-4-3-2-1 Technique
Reduce Anxiety & Overwhelm
Guided by Anna Pereira

Combat anxiety and overwhelm with Anna Pereira’s simple grounding technique.
Use your senses to reconnect with the present moment and regain control.


Tapping for High Achievers
EFT Technique
Enhancing Performance and Success
Guided by Carolyn McGee

High-pressure situations are no match for EFT tapping.
Join Carolyn McGee to learn how this technique can boost your performance when it matters most.


Step Into Your Circle of Excellence
Power Pose
Confidence Enhancement for High Performance
Guided by Kim Marie Pauline

Step into your circle of excellence and boost your confidence for high-performance situations.
Kim Marie Pauline will guide you through the power of the power pose.


Treat Yourself to 5  Minutes of Relaxing Reiki

Our master reiki practitioners share healing and rejuvenating energy with you in a mini Reiki Experience

Reiki is a holistic practice that promotes wellness by channeling healing energy through touch or proximity. High achieving professionals and athlete’s striving for peak performance, Reiki offers several benefits:

Stress Reduction: Reiki aids in deep relaxation, enabling high achievers to manage stress effectively and maintain mental clarity.

Enhanced Focus: By balancing the body’s energy centers, Reiki fosters mental clarity and renewed vitality, helping high achieving professionals approach tasks with a clear and focused mindset.

Emotional Well-being: Reiki reduces anxiety and supports emotional well-being, vital for a positive work environment.

Improved Health: Reiki accelerates the natural healing process, reduces ailments’ duration, and alleviates physical and mental fatigue, resulting in increased job satisfaction and reduced health-related expenses.

Incorporating Reiki into corporate wellness programs can optimize performance, reduce burnout, and enhance overall well-being for high-achieving professionals. Try it while you are at Soccerex!