Laura Di Franco, Brave Healer Productions and publisher for The Wellness Universe Self-Care book series, interviews founder of The Wellness Universe, Anna Pereira.

Anna Pereira is the Founder of The Wellness Universe, and CEO of Soul Ventures, a woman-owned business, where her mission is to make the world a better place. She’s an inspirational leader, mentor, and connector for business owners who are changing the world. As an author and creator of wellness events, projects, and programs, Anna is an expert at showcasing, promoting, and supporting the world’s most talented wellness professionals. Anna lives between Europe and her birthplace, New Jersey, USA with her husband, sports expert and investor, Hugo Varela. The couple have adopted pets (One dog and two cats), and often care for strays. Big Red, their African Gray, loves to speak English and Portuguese, and is the ruler of the house. Anna enjoys turning on the creative flow when time allows by painting, writing, and creating custom T-shirts and jewelry. She’s dedicated to serving her calling and leaving her legacy as a ‘conduit for change’ by bringing more health, happiness, and well-being to the world with a collaborative spirit and intentional action.