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THIS PAGE takes you to your Membership Dashboard where you can access your current membership, view a full menu of what is included with each level, and manage, change, or update your current subscription. Membership Management
Check on your subscription, membership level, and more here.


Your Wellness Universe profile is an essential tool! It becomes your listing in our directory, and how wellness seekers and prospective colaborators find you and your services during searches for speakers, writers, teachers, and collaborators. THIS PAGE sets you up for success!


Our online learning platform boasts a nearly 5-star rating with over 1000 sessions to take part in. Included in your membership, you can teach a class, or host your own program or show … the space is here for you to reach an audience of learners and seekers of well-being! GO HERE to learn more.


Wellness for All programming is a special partnership opportunity. A place for seasoned professionals to be showcased and act as our best-in-class teachers and facilitators of wellness experiences. To apply and learn more GO HERE.


We have countless opportunities to get published! Our featured blog, a blog that is built into your profile, best-selling books, and so much more! GO HERE to learn about getting published.


Perhaps the greatest feature about being a member – the other members! Learn how to get involved, member to member, human to human. Getting connected to your community is where the magic happens! GO HERE to learn more.


As a member of The Wellness Universe, Select members are our go-to group of members to serve the clients we retain through Wellness Universe Corporate. GO HERE to learn more.


Do you know someone who would benefit from WU membership? Learn how you can earn $$ for each referral! Visit the Member Rewards Area HERE to learn more.


Our SOCIAL MEDIA platforms are where you will find inspiring content featuring our community members, blog articles, classes, events, and more! Our main hashtags are #WUWorldChanger and #TheWellnessUniverse


Our MEMBER FAQs are a great resource and can answer many of your questions. These are also accessible via your membership menu.

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