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Resilience for Everyday: Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Well-being

4 June 2022 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

The Wellness Universe presents Resilience for Everyday: Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Well-being, produced, created and hosted by Leah Skurdal, co-hosted by Janette Stuart, featuring esteemed speakers in the self-care industry: Lisa Charles, Jo Ann Wenner, Elizabeth Kipp, and Ilene Dillon.
90 minutes of self-care resources and how to fortify your resilience. Empowerment, clarity, and inner-strength are found in this live online event.

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This event is supported by pay-what-you-can donation upon registration, during the live event, or anytime as this will be available as a recording. Free for those in need.

About Resilience for Everyday: Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Well-being:
When we are feeling empowered and accepting of circumstances, making decisions from a grounded and sure-footed center with confidence and clarity, we can bring our best selves into each moment. We are tapped into our inner resilience. Sometimes, though, we get thrown off our center and need to dig deeper to find our inner resilience and natural well-being.

Resilience is not a luxury. We all deserve to be living from a calm, centered space no matter what life throws at us. Resilience doesn’t always show up as a first reaction. Our flight, fight, freeze, fawn response kicks in as a survival mechanism. We all need tools and strategies to meet life where it takes us and pivot our life to what we desire to experience.

What can we implement as a daily practice to be more resilient?
What can we do to identify a situation that has rocked us?
What can we do in the moment we are caught off-guard to respond from an empowered, centered space?

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, low in your emotional reserves, quick to not accept what is happening, reacting to situations with regret or anger?

Do you seek more balance, peace, joy, and harmony in your life, no matter the circumstances?

If you find your energy reserves low and literally anything can tip you over the edge casting you into an emotional downward spiral, or worse, finding yourself damaging your most precious relationships, and not acting like yourself with those you love, you are invited to join us.

The strategies and conversations during our 90-minutes together will give you the opportunity to participate in self-care and resilience building exercises in our interactive workshop style event.

Our Experts:
Leah Skurdal, Intuitive Wellness Guide, Panel Moderator
As a visionary thought leader, Leah Skurdal, is leading the resilience building panel series to offer tools, strategies and expert wisdom for participants to navigate rapid changes from their inner wellbeing.
Connect with Leah https://bit.ly/LeahSkurdal


4 June 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am
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