Testimonials From Members of The Wellness Universe

“You know how you are the average of the five people you most spend your time with? Make sure to make The Wellness Universe team a part of that five! I just joined and have been so impressed with the responsiveness, support, spirit, and organization of the entire team. My experience as an author/blogger thus far has been fun and inspiring! I appreciate this group and their professional platform. Thank you!”

“WU is a very responsive and supportive wellness community. Always inspiring and encouraging the plethora of wellness writers under its fold, it creates and provides much scope for collaborations and exchange of information’s across the gamut of wellbeing and more. I take this opportunity to wishing the founders Anna Pereira and Shari Alyse and their very enterprising and passionate team all the very best for the future endeavors”

“I LOVE my tribe at The Wellness Universe! #WU has made it almost effortless to share my business and ideas. I Love connecting with like minded individuals. I always feel supported. Blessed to be here. <3 “

“#WU is a supportive and wonderful community! My experience as a feature blog author was invaluable. Thank you to the founders and their team for the opportunity. Your mission is inspiring.”

What an wonderful feeling To be part le this amazing community… Being a #WUWORLDCHANGER is not only about having the opportunity to share our work, articles or thoughts but more about knowing that we are contributing to make the Universe a better place to live. And connect with those that vibrate on the same frequency we do… #WUVIP #WUWORLDCHANGER ❤❤

“I love being part of the #WU community & being able to co-create with such amazing people all around the world!!”

“I have been a member for a few years and adore the community, friendships from all over the world, networking opportunities and reach of my blogs! I adore being part of community which is working towards co-creation and helping the world become a healthier, happier, more peaceful and loving place. I am a featured blogger on The Wellness Universe and the support, sharing and comments far exceed anything I can do on my own, helping to grow my exposure and awareness to others around the world, growing my followers and business. Incredibly honored to be a part of this community of co-creators of wellness warriors positive world changers! Fabulous guidance for all!”

“The Wellness Universe has made a TREMENDOUS impact on not only my professional life but also on my personal life.  I have not only been on the receiving end of some of my life dreams such as key speaking engagements, coaching videos, networking opportunities and participation in phenomenal symposiums, I have been able to give in incredible capacities.  The owners and administrators are full of unbelievable unconditional love.  As we know that is one quality that allows positive production in many ways.  The WU members of those of like-mind and we accept each other’s talents as well as their uniqueness.  The environment is beyond cozy and the support runneth over.  I cannot say enough great things about being connected to everyone in The Wellness Universe.  I am very grateful to be a Premium Member and a WUVIP.  I love this place and I know that God put me here for many reasons!”

“At 73, my life and my work have been so enriched by The Wellness Universe, I feel like I won the lottery. I have learned so much – and feel so very supported in sharing my message. The heart-centered content that is shared here is some the best I’ve seen anywhere. I love working with a team again – especially THIS ONE. Thank you Anna and Shari and WU team from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your visionary leadership and feel very privileged to be part of your tribe.”

“I was guided to apply to the Wellness Universe while amid a very difficult transitional time and after having prayed for trustworthy friendships. Having arrived as one of the smallest pages and with limited knowledge of social media, graphic designing or networking in general, I had a big learning curve ahead; however, I received encouragement and practical support that helped to me improve in these areas very quickly. More importantly to me personally, I was now connected to many like-minded individuals from across the globe and their love and support dramatically improved my feelings of belonging and increased my belief in my vision of making a meaningful difference in the world. I have learned much from the work of other members, gained amazing resources that have helped many of my clients and become more solid in my knowing about how to pursue my own mission. I am deeply grateful to be part of this community and whole heartedly believe that the work the founders and members are doing is dramatically shifting consciousness; helping to heal individuals and the planet. Thank you.”