Testimonials From Members of The Wellness Universe

“Being a member and core blogger at The Wellness Universe has been a transformative experience for me these past few years. The founders, Anna Pereira CEO Soul Ventures and Shari Alyse are radiant and so authentic in carrying out their vision of promoting world peace. They bring us wonderful opportunities and exposure and I have met and collaborated with beautiful, like minded souls in this inspiring atmosphere. Bring a member of #WUVIP and #WUWorldChanger has helped me bring more love, joy and peace more easily into the world”

“I also have found The Wellness Universe to be an amazing resource. Not only did I learn so many strategies for business challenges, I also learned to view myself and my talents in the context of other people who are also multiply talented, dedicated to healing our planet, spiritually-based entrepreneurs.
And like your other friend, when I was sick and confused, The Wellness Universe has provided resources for me! People who have knowledge, experience and wisdom that I trust.
Thank you for your vision for this platform, as well as all that you are, and all that you do. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” (Jimi Hendrix)
The love that you are putting out is already having subtle effects to help bring about peace.” Thank you, Rosi

“This outstanding co-creating community, has transformed my entire social media journey. Not only, has my fan base doubled to over 26,000, but thanks to The Wellness Universe, I have branched out into several other platforms, and am now reaching thousands more. Our mission, compassionately encompasses all aspects of wellness and self-enrichment, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. These amazing people have become a part of my family, walking with like souls, on our incredible journey of Changing the World!”