April’s Full Moon in Libra is the biggest Supermoon of 2020

This week’s pink Supermoon at 10:35p on Tuesday, April 7th, is the biggest full moon of 2020! Be prepared for some big changes. 🌕

It’s also in the astrological sign of Libra. This energy is centered on partnerships and relationships. A reminder to find balance in a loving way.

The full moon marks the end of the lunar cycle. If you begin manifesting with the new moon, then you’ll find things tend to come to completion at this time. Don’t be surprised though if new energies come into your life as you let go and release old energy!

Supermoons look ginormous because they’re closer to the earth than regular full moons. So expect emotions rising to the surface to be super strong. Add an extra dose of forgiveness and surrender to the Divine.

Remember to look for the beauty in all things. With gratitude… 💜

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