Trust and Allow For Magic To Happen

“Trust and allow anticipation of something going wrong to become excitement for something great and magical happening.” Atousa Raissyan

So often people look to what could go wrong and anticipate “the other shoe to drop”. The anticipation of something always going wrong brings about the constant anxiety and therefore in order to feel safe and in control, then you try to control life with action plans and safety mechanisms for as many as anticipated outcomes as you can.

It’s no wonder people with anxiety are tired. The effort to maintain that control, calculations of outcomes, and constant anticipation of the other shoe dropping at any moment, is very exhausting. So exhausting that you don’t truly enjoy the blessings and good moments since in the back of your head the safety program is constantly running.

Trust is a process. It is a process that one needs to allow for it to grow and take deep roots in our energy body and moving it to emotional and mental. And it takes practice which universe will offer plenty of practice opportunities.

So once you allow trust to grow, then you can allow for possibilities. Possibility of everything that you want coming to you and even better. Possibility of magic and miracles.

It’s a process of flowing and allowing that it’s not to be tainted by what is in front of you at the moment, because at the moment things could look like chaos but in that chaos things are moving to bring you exactly what you want and even better.

If you get a chance view my video on YouTube (also on IG and FB) called “Everything In Divine Timing” to help understand.

So instead of anticipating for things to go wrong allow the excitement to grow inside of you for possibilities of things going your way and miracles and magic happening no matter what is presently in front of you at the moment.

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