How to Forgive and Be Okay

RUMI “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” I wrote this healing/empowerment article in Nov ’19. Time would have it published after my own catharsis. Since Jan 1, I have dived deep”The Belly of the Beast”, revisiting old wounds and perspectives that I thought were healed. When these pains resurface, our response should be glee rather than “I thought I already healed that!”. More is ready to release, reprogram, accept Light. I dove into my childhood wounds of feeling alone, unloved, misunderstood, embracing Rumi’s words, making these my portals to freedom, more light, unconditional love, Truth. Where I felt alone, I now know we are ALLone. Where I felt unloved/unseen, I know the Source/Light/LOVE that helps me help others has always seen, understood, embraced ME. Wounds can tether me or can open me to continually nourish mySELF, lifting to even greater heights of expansion, self-actualization, freedom, joy, TRUTH. We only see what we THINK we see, so re-assess old perspectives; ways we self-sabotage who we are here to BE❣

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