Global online AUTHENTICITY WEEK Summit (9th – 15th December) 

Hi, today I have an exceptional message to share with you! You will profit from it in several ways by

setting yourself up for success, up leveling your personal and business development and better

well-being and health.

Are some of the following limiting beliefs and thoughts bothering you and keeping you up at night?

…I feel I´m not enough and I could have done better in life

…I have to be popular to everyone and have to meet the expectations of others

…I still regret what happened in the past and I´m worried about my future

…I´m exhausted and stressed out from running in the hamster wheel and have I no solution

… I don’t live as I thought I was going to and i just don´t get what I deserve and dare for

It´s totally understandable that you are worried, exhausted and overwhelmed to meet other people´s

expectations while trying to fit in to be loved and to belong! Those self-sabotaging patterns are

corrupting your soul and can even kill you by causing severe diseases such as cancer.

And guess what, this will get even worse as Christmas Time comes near. We all know and statistics

prove, that at this time of the year, so many people are likely, and some really do, break up with their

relationships and marriages. Why? Because they travel around the globe to meet family members

they don´t want to see. They try to fit in and think they have to. Singles are often depressed because

they feel they don´t belong. This FLY-Summit offers you a community of like-minded people who also

want to quit the ego-based judging and are fed up with being judged.

The solution to all this is to surpass oneself, to discover your true authentic nature and to share it

openly. Declare to do what feels good for you and to skip the sucking rest. To make yourself priority

and practice this self-care is the only action leading to your own well-being and to the benefit of all.

You don´t have to or should do anything that sucks for you in order to meet other people´s

expectations. Stand up for yourself now, be the exception and be authentically YOU!

I´m featured on the first worldwide ‚Authenticity Week Online Summit 2019‘ being part of the epic

FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Movement. I will be sharing my best tips, strategies and expertise on Tapping, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), among 77 authentic and highly inspirational experts and speakers. Together, we are not

only teaching you how to move beyond the fear of being YOU and sharing gently but clearly what is

right for you, but also how to discover and align your life´s purpose. Here you´ll learn, how to set

boundaries and to set your mindset up for success.

You deserve to own who you are and NOBODY but YOU is meant to rule your life.

Join me and 77 experts on the ‚Authenticity Week Online Summit 2019‘and watch it like a Boss as VIP

(Insert your personal Affiliate link). And the best is, you can watch the FLY-Summit from the comfort

of your home at your leisure. No costs for travelling, flights or hotel bookings.

Over 78 experts show you, how to recreate your life & find to your authentic balanced inner self!

Get priceless inspiration on how to break free from the suck and how to restyle your life on your own

authentic terms. This summit is created for entrepreneurs, coaches and all folks, who want to ease

their life & business and make a greater impact as an authentic, awakened being and leader in the


This is your chance to bring your inner calling in alignment with your life´s purpose and to stand up

for yourself and become your own self-expert! Never before, you got such an incredible amount of

mentoring and wisdom shared by countless authentic experts who walk the talk just for a ‚Penny‘!

Step into your greater future now and join me and 77 experts on the ‚Authenticity Week Online

Summit 2019‘ for the priceless wisdom shared and watch it like a Boss as VIP (Insert your personal

Affiliate link) to make sure you can implement your learning in life and in business.

You will not only learn, how to bring your relationships, life and business to the next level but also

how to create healthy and sustainable systems in your life and business. The business experts on the

business day show you the best directly implementable shortcuts for your business!

By transforming into authenticity all the sucking fake play, wearing masks and trying to fit in stops

as you show up authentically and share what is right for you. Learn to become your own self-expert,

to transform your mindset and how to heal your emotional wounds. Finally, you´ll get inspired on

how to turn your dreams into reality, become the leader of your destiny and access the happiness

and greatness being already withing you.

Worrying about the future or living in the past sucks and moves you away from creating the life you

deserve and dare for. That´s why, especially regarding the topics of authenticity and self-mastery, the

most difficult of all to achieve on your own, you need a mentor who has walked the path before.

Going on your own is unfortunately not likely to lead you to your desired destination of living a free,

happy and authentic life.

And consider loved ones, who could also benefit from the countless tips, strategies and wisdom

shared by the 78 experts.

And this Christmas Time you don´t need to rush downtown, standing in the crowd trying to find the

right parcel. This the most amazing priceless Christmas present you could ever give to yourself or

somebody else you care about. It´s time to stand up for yourself and to step into your greater future!

Come on board and join me and 77 experts on the ‚Authenticity Week Online Summit 2019‘ now and

watch it like a Boss as VIP and share it as the most useful Christmas present ever

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