(How I got the blueprint of my mission?)

The mission statement of my life is: ‘To inspire and empower people to leave their footprints on earth’.

The other day, I was asked, how I took up this mission. This article represents my answer to that question. The seed was shown in my early childhood days. Let me share the story when I met the first hero of my life:

It was 1962, our country experienced a devastating war with our neighboring country China. Our Army then had inadequate resources. It was about 4 pm in our Town-hall. The whole town assembled to meet Field Marshal K. M. Cariappa  who visited our town. This tall lean balled-headed gentleman appeared on the dais laid up in the eastern side of our vast play-ground. He wore while shirt and trousers. He spoke in Hindi. I don’t remember everything he spoke, but I cannot ever forget one sentence he spoke eloquently stretching his hands forward, “Your country is in war, your soldiers are fighting in the border of Himalayas to protect you. We need your help to support them. It’s a time of distress. I have come to ask you to help your army with everything you have. There was a white bed-sheet spread before him. What I saw should sound like miracle. There was an uproar with our national slogans and anthem. People ran with money toward the dais; women opened their bangles and ear-rings and threw on the white bed-sheet. Some ran back to their nearby houses and brought money, gold, woolens, blankets etc. The Field Marshall was screaming with stretched hands: ‘give, give, support our soldiers, it’s your duty’. I saw many men and women wiping their tears. Why people gave everything? Why no questions were asked, no doubt was expressed? Because they saw ingenuity, humanity, love, authenticity, a deep sense of purpose and commitment in their leader. Field Marshall Cariappa revealed himself by his speech. So, everything happened at the drop of a hat. I ran fast through the lanes and implored my mother to give me some of her ornaments so I can also give those to my hero. My baffled parents didn’t first-hand witness the Field Marshall’s appeal and so felt I was being impulsive. I don’t blame them, but I felt enormous pain and helplessness for I had nothing to give except a few drops of my silent tears.

I hope you know now why I made such a mission and the great lesson I imbibed through the first hero of my life. Images of the first hero of my life is here:

To conclude, let me quote the concluding four lines from my poetry titled “Life”:

“The two options life leaves for man

Are either big or small;

To live for self is the smaller one

And the big is to live for all.”


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