January 2019 Universal Energy Flow

Happy January! And Happy New Year! What lessons from 2018 are you carrying forward, and what wounds are you leaving behind? This month is the time to leave the past in the past and look ahead to new creations.

Today, we enter a brand new Universal Year as well as a new Universal Month, so there are a couple of layers to consider here: the larger scope of setting the flow for all of 2019 year and the smaller scope of January’s individual flow. What you begin this month will carry throughout the year, so choose carefully!

January often begins with the creation of resolutions, jumping right into them with enthusiasm, then burning out after just a few weeks, at most, and feeling discouraged thereafter, ultimately reaching the end of another year once again feeling unfulfilled.

I’d like to challenge you to go into this year from a different perspective: a place of flow. Flowing with the yearly cycle, the monthly lunar cycle, the daily circadian cycle, and most importantly, your personal cycle.

And I’d like to invite you to skip the resolutions/jump in/burn out habit this year, and instead, begin to attune to your highest path and purpose, setting intentions and flowing with them as they manifest.

We enter 2019 in an intriguing energy combination: our Universal Year is a 12/3 – highly creative spiritual energy; our Universal Month is a 13/4 – the number of the Divine Feminine and setting a foundation; and we begin on a 5 Universal Day – the number of change and freedom.

We also enter the month, and year, in the final days of the Uranus Retrograde that began back on August second.

January’s New Moon happens on the 5th at 8:28 PM (Eastern) in 15 degrees of Capricorn with a Solar Eclipse

This is the fourth of seven New Moons happening at 15 degrees. Six – the number that 15 reduces to – is the number of forward momentum, moving toward completion. January’s New Moon happens on an 18/9 Universal Day – the completion of a cycle – so there’s nice harmony there. The sign of Capricorn lends practical, grounding energy to the Moon’s emotional energy – and both are feminine energies, so there’s a lot of creative power in this combination. The mix of 6 energy and Capricorn energy certainly stabilizes things, making it a great time to deeply reflect on everything you want to create this year. Capricorn is all about scaling new heights, moving around, through, or over any obstacles in your path.

To add emphasis to this whole thing, we have a Solar Eclipse paired with this New Moon, happening at 8:42 PM (Eastern). The Sun is our vital self-energy, and solar eclipses bring to our attention those things we most need to deal with right now. Solar eclipse energy stays around long after the moment of the eclipse, as much as six months. Use this powerful energy mix to firmly set yourself on the path to achievement this year.

Uranus turns Direct on the 6th at 3:26 PM (Eastern) in 28 degrees of Aries

With any Retrograde, there is a Shadow Period after the planet turns Direct – the time it takes for the planet to return to the sign and degree where it started the Retrograde journey. The Shadow Period for this Uranus Direct lasts until April 14th when it returns to 2 degrees of Taurus where it began the journey on August 2, 2018.

Uranus governs upending old paradigms that keep us from expressing our individuality and unique purpose. In the last five months, in Retrograde, you’ve been shown where you’re stuck and blocking your self-expression. This is a Sacral Chakra matter, encoded in your infant and toddler years, then reinforced between the ages of 28 and 35. It has everything to do with your experiences with female power, your beliefs about pleasure and passion, and what you were taught about expressing emotions.

As Uranus turns Direct – moving forward – and passes time in the Shadow Period, you’re supported in releasing the old paradigm and stepping into greater individuality. Think back over what’s been revealed to you since the beginning of August and set your new course.

Aries energy is all about selfhood and openness to change. It’s assertive energy, so here, it certainly supports self-expression. Aries energy is masculine action-oriented energy, but don’t jump into anything just yet; use this energy instead to light a fire under your resolve to create this change over the next few months.

We’ll reach the First Quarter Moon on the 14th at 1:46 AM (Eastern) in 23 degrees of Aries

Here’s where you’ll want to begin to use all that Aries energy to sow the seeds of what you want to create. Be careful, though: Aries energy can get impulsive – it’s ruled by Mars, the epitome of masculine energy. At this point in a new year, and both early in the month and in the lunar cycle, you don’t want to get ahead of yourself, especially with the work you’re doing related to Uranus Direct.

The First Quarter Moon is a time for action, for taking the first steps toward what you’ve chosen to manifest, but it’s still meant to be in flow with feminine creative energy and largely personal, behind-the-scenes action.

The Sun enters Aquarius at 3:59 AM (Eastern) on January 20th

Aquarius is independent, inventive, and progressive energy that’s focused on originality. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, so there’s a powerful resonance with all things related to Uranus Direct going on right on through to February 18th when the Sun changes signs once again. With the ripple-effect from the Solar Eclipse and the eve of the Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse in the mix here, we’ll enter a powerful period to begin taking that behind-the-scenes action from the First Quarter Moon out into the world.

The Full Moon happens on January 21st at 12:16 AM (Eastern) in 0 degrees of Virgo a with Lunar Eclipse

This is our third of five Full Moons happening at 0 degrees, and there is so much transformative power here. Zero is the number of “coming full circle” – completing things and creating permanency. In Virgo, the wide-open energy of the Full Moon is grounded and tempered a bit; Virgo is an extremely practical sign, analytical and linear. This is useful energy when the lunar cycle is at the height of healing and manifesting power: we can be sure to fully ground our work into the permanency we seek. A bit of caution is in order here: the zero, as with the eight, creates an unending loop, so be very conscientious about what you set in motion during this Full Moon and take the extra time to utilize the Virgo energy to ground yourself before doing any healing or manifesting, especially because…

this Full Moon is going to be turbo-charged by a Lunar Eclipse. Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, cutting off her light, and they depict end points.

This Lunar Eclipse begins at 9:36 PM and ends at 2:48 AM (Eastern), lasting 5 hours and 12 minutes.

With the zero in play here, as well as the energy of Uranus Direct, you’ll want to pay close attention to what cycles you need to end and be conscientious of what cycles you want to set in motion. Plan to do the work during the hours of the eclipse, if at all possible. Keep your focus primarily on the cycles you want to end, and spend the rest of this lunar cycle blessing and releasing, releasing, releasing. You can shift your focus to encoding the new cycles you want to create at the beginning of February when we celebrate the return of the light at Imbolc and enter a new lunar phase on the fourth.

Our Last Quarter Moon happens on the 27th at 4:11 PM (Eastern) in 7 degrees of Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled the Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth. Scorpio energy is intense and highly emotional, and with all the closure work this month, you might be feeling the same way about now. Just breathe, stay in the flow of blessing and releasing, and look toward the light of February first.

The most powerful part of creating what you want is clearing the space for it to come in!

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