Can You Experience Healing by Using the Akashic Records?

I’ve worked for over twenty years to clear the feelings of abandonment and unworthiness that were magnified by the loss of two childhood friends. If you’re like most people interested in the Akashic Records, your response may be, “Twenty years!! I thought the Akashic Records were a short cut to healing!”

The truth is they are. Without them, I wouldn’t have released anywhere near the level of karma and past life experiences that kept me wrapped in pain. Healing work often works in a spiral, as you grow, new levels or layers of information comes up to be seen, understood and healed. That translates to ten day over twenty years.

Working with Akashic Masters

Had I not spent those twenty years guided to awareness by the Akashic Masters, I certainly couldn’t live the life I have today, filled with love, curiosity and trust. I would most likely be alone, making a lot of money but suffering in unimaginable ways.

In my work with the Akashic Masters, they’ve shared that many of us have lived over 300 lives here on Earth. Think about the thousands of experiences, each one a tiny pebble causing ripples in the energy field of your soul! Layer upon layer of emotional and physical memories that surround you, often causing pain in both your mind and body.


Any damage or emotional pain you’ve brought with you into this life is held in the Etheric layer of your aura, the one closest to the physical body. This layer contains pathways of electrical energy that provide life force for the physical body and are home to emotions you don’t consciously remember. These long-forgotten memories continue to cause blockages and subtle disturbances until they move into the denser physical body manifesting as an illness, disease, or pain.

Because this energy is layered, each created by a separate experience, the only way to heal is to clear them one by one. This occurs as we are willing to look at and understand the impact on our current life. We then process and integrate the information into our lives, it allows us to be ready for a new layer to arise for healing. The energy then rises like a spiral as we heal the various layers.

To me, it’s a miracle that it’s only taken twenty years to clear what I brought with me from other lives, previous experiences and old relationships, to create the life I have. While it may seem like a long time, I cannot fathom how life would be had I not begun the journey.

My relationship with the Akashic Masters has provided me with the information I needed to identify and release the old experiences that kept me bound in pain. I want that for you, so support your journey, I’ve decided to keep the free gifts that I created to celebrate the publication of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life on my site for a little while longer.

Connect with your own Akashic guides and take the next step in freeing yourself from anything rooted in your past that causes you pain!

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