You are Divine

You are the Divine in physical form.

The Divine exists in ALL. It exists in all people, animals, plants, water, air, stars, matter and non-matter. The Divine connects us all and to all. We part of the Universal Divine as souls. We are from and part of All as it exists in physical form and non-physical form. We choose to manifest in physical form to allow our souls to learn, grow, transform, awaken and ascend into more wisdom, higher frequencies and energy from which we came. It is to re-remember who we truly are as Beings. We are here to Be part of a new awakening. Many who have come before us have paved a path for us, yet it is the masses of us who are now here to walk this path in our own unique way, sharing our unique voice and special gifts to help others awaken to the new way of Being, of Understanding, and of Living. We have just entered a powerful time to learn balance, harmony, joy, and Love of All. It is to remember we are Spirit. It is to know we are all Divine. It is to Shine the Light, which includes Divine Love, Divine Joy, Divine Bliss, Divine Peace and all that comes with it….deep and true kindness, compassion, happiness, knowledge, wisdom, abundance and so on. And to KNOW all of this, we must take an inner journey of healing from our past and past lives to continue to awaken to our true Nature…our Divine authenticity as souls and our Unique authenticity as humans and become soul powered to Live the New Way of Being. Are you read to “Become Soulfully Empowered™” ? Please visit if the answer is yes ~

Namaste! <3 ~ Heather

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