Fire Dancer: Fire In My Soul  

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There’s a fire in my soul that I can’t put out

A yearning so bright, it outshines the sun

From silent stirrings, risen to shout

The spark in my soul beckons me on

Smoke signals floating across starry skies

Dark charcoal script written firm on my brow

A glimpse here and there in a true friend’s eyes

Urging me forward but to where and how?

In childhood, the flames lit up the night

Taunting and fragmented shapes all around

Scorched yellow swirls, reaching great height

From the fire in my soul without any sound

I stoked up youth’s fire to keep it alight

A relentless reminder to give it my all

When the time comes to speak of truth’s light

And brighten the way for those answering the call

I succumb to the lure of the flickering flames

Embracing the strength that I had all along

To release the fear, torment, and blame

And dance in the fire that is my heartsong

Linda Gillan © 2016 (all rights reserved)


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