Love & Heal You

Love you, Heal you.

When we truly love ourselves, with our supposed “faults” and all, we can heal ourselves. We need to listen to our inner chatter about ourselves, and change anything which is not positive, into a positive thought, accepting it and adjusting our perspective of ourselves. We are so programmed that we can say or think something negative about ourselves. I’m sure you have said at one time or another, and maybe often “I’m so stupid” whether to punish yourself for doing something you think is “wrong” or in humor. Either way, you are listening and your body absorbs this energy which needs to be released and healed. And, it certainly is not truly loving you. Truly loving you is treating yourself with kindness, compassion, love and understanding, even complimenting yourself! After accomplishing something, even a household job, try saying “Wow, I did a fabulous job!”

When we speak negatively about ourselves, we need to determine where this judgement of ourselves has come from, feel any pain to deal with the issue and thus, heal it. It could come from our parents, friends, society or co-workers. Wherever it is, feel the issue, consider why it feels the way it does, and work on releasing it to heal yourself. This allows us to truly love everything about ourselves. It helps us transform ourselves, where we no longer have this issue, negative reaction and any other harmful feeling or thought about ourselves. 

Remember, we are listening to ourselves, and our thoughts are energy. What we send out in energy format, we attract back to us at least threefold, whether, thought, spoken words or actions.  I currently work in a restaurant while I build my business, and I hear so many of the other servers judging the customers as to the types of tips they will give or saying certain people are cheap or needy.  Each time they state this, they are attracting that type of energy back.  The customer may not be cheap, but the customer may not tip that person the same way they would tip someone who is not in a judgement mode. I see and hear what the servers say and then what they receive, and it matches up more often that not.  Yes, once in awhile it does not happen, where they may receive more from one person, however, on average, they are attracting “lack” due to the judgement. I work on correcting my fellow co-workers as often as I can, yet I still find it happening with certain people.  And, the more they state we have “needy” customers, the more it appears we have “needy” customers. 

To change what we are attracting, we need to change our thoughts, as they are extremely powerful and the energy we send out. By changing our thoughts, we change our spoken words and our actions, we transform our lives by attracting more positive experiences and people. By truly loving ourselves, we can heal ourselves, to transform ourselves, which is helping us to awaken our most brilliant selves.

“Awaken a more brilliant version of you™”

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