Soul Whispers

Listen to your soul whispers.

Your soul whispers to you each day, nudging you in the direction you already chose before you incarnated as a human being. Your soul knows your true purpose and how to help you achieve it. It whispers to you in the dreams you imagine, the prayers you send and the desires you express. You were granted gifts and talents in this lifetime to help you fulfill your purpose. Your soul whispers during the day and during the night. Listen. Quiet your mind and truly listen. This is meditation. Simply sitting and listening. Listening and watching your thoughts with your mind’s eye, yet not being attached to them, allowing them to drift and move, settling into deeper thoughts and feelings to direct you. At times the whispers will be louder, not just nudging you, but pushing you. These are flashes of intense thought, those “Wow, why did I never think of that?” type moments. They may be a huge change in your life you were not expecting. This is soul working behind the scenes to really grab your attention. It is your soul breaking through all the clutter in your brain to get the message to you. It is you, guiding you. You are the one whispering to you. You are a soul in a human body. Your human body needs to hear your soul. Your soul speaks from your heart and from Spirit, as you are One with the Divine, and thus the Divine speaks to you via your soul. Your soul is the messenger to your human brain. It becomes louder the more you listen. Your soul whispers become a conversation within your head. You may “see”, “feel” or “hear” that is seemingly not there, but it is your soul getting through to you. Listen. What are you telling yourself now? What would you prefer to be doing with your life? What are you missing because you chose to listen to your human self versus your true self, your soul? Your soul knows the way and it provided you the tools to follow your journey. Shhh….your soul whispers to you…listen.

If I may assist you in listening to your soul, I’d be honored to help you.

Namaste! <3 ~ Heather

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