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Spiritual wellness implies a self-search, personal journey, our path to discovering our purpose, and finding meaning in our existence which causes us to reach for love, peace, harmony and balance within oneself and the rest of the world. Guided by ethics, character, and morals, we receive direction toward inner peace. Guided by peace and harmony in thought and action, we understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of the world at large.

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Danielle Marggraf

Danielle Marggraf is a leader in the feminine wealth movement. Followed by women worldwide for her inspiring and no-nonsense teaching style, Danielle mixes her spiritual badassery with money and nervous system coach trainings for women using somatic, energetic and mindset practices to literally rewire your body for more freedom, fulfillment and feminine financial flow. Her programs as well as her Prosperous Goddess Retreats transform women in their business and personal lives. She is an activator for women to be wealthy and worthy banishing shame from their body systems and growing lucrative, soul-enriching businesses as well as understanding that their bank accounts and their lives are a reflection of their body patterns. As a result, graduates of Danielle’s wealth consciousness programs quickly begin to massively uplevel their capacity to receive, let go of past money blocks, and experience deep, soul-level breakthroughs in claiming their worth, connecting to their wisdom and up-leveling energetically so they prosper in every area of their lives. Guiding women navigate relatonships throuh healing and understanding their nervous systoms by healing past traumas so they stop operating from their trauma amd drama to make awesome money doing what they love!



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