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Danielle Marggraf

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Danielle Marggraf supports people to navigate relationships by understanding and healing their nervous system and energy system by healing past trauma.  Her modalities include Energy Medicine and Somatic Therapy. As a Certified Somatic Therapist and Energy medicine Practitioner Danielle has supported thousands of women from all walks of life to re create their realities and redefine what self care is for them . Her ability to connect, hold space and guide her clients has resulted in deep healing for many.  Her expertise in the lower chakras creates powerful healing and is available through her private  three  month program.


As a Certified Women's Group Facilitator of Women's Circles, Danielle trains other women to step into their Voice and Leadership roles  to create the magic and power  of sisterhood in her Sacred Women's Gathering  Training/Certification 12 week program.

Danielle is a single mom of two awesome, smart and silly kids and needs to be outdoors as much as she can to fill up on earth medicine. Her own road "back" from shame to coming back home to her soul through her body has been a powerful one. Stepping into her own divine feminine energy and reclaiming her purpose has opened the door for so many others to do the same. This is her devotion and commitment: for the truth of who you are to be accessible and for others to thrive not just survive; to have the courage to dive deep into our own healing so we may be a conduit for others and for our children to know and embody a world that is love.


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Danielle Marggraf

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