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    Please meet #WUWorldchanger ~@rajannarayanaswamy

    Namaste & Welcome!! My most beloved passion is to teach and learn Yoga and Vedanta. By some strange grace of providence I was chosen to live for 21 years in Varanasi, the holiest city of the Hindus, where I acquired my Ph.D. in Physics. Here is where lived Kabir, Tulsidas, Lahiri Mahasaya and, just 10 miles away, Sarnath where the Buddha chose to deliver his first sermon. No simple land this Varanasi – at every step a bull or cow that would, in its gentleness, tremblingly close its eyes when you reached out to pat its head, sadhus anointed in ash intoning Lord Shiva’s name as they walked the gallis (narrow streets) to the mighty Ganga, the distant sounds of ringing manjiras and drums – the air was always afloat with calls of the Infinite and Eternal. I will always be grateful for the seed that Varanasi sowed in me which today has bloomed as a passionate interest in Yoga and Vedanta.

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