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Tami Reagor

Higher Self Illumination Healing, Light Bridge Expansion, Intuitive Reader and Holistic Web Design

Hello there,

Welcome and I am happy to see you exploring your inner you - playing with your intuition to guide you deeper into your spiritual path.

I am Tami Reagor – Soul Luminary Coach and I spent years trying every fork in my spiritual road to find the right one. For a time there I could not read or try new things fast enough, but nothing felt right until I stumbled upon ThetaHealing® - actually I think it found me instead of the other way around.. ThetaHealing® has changed my life in ways I never knew where possible.  I went from being a shy 6-foot-tall woman who wanted to run and hide to craving being on stage and speaking in front of people.  I now know this part of my soul's path.  This is just one of many things I have done with the power of ThetaHealing® - It also allowed me write and publish a 300-page book called Unleash Your Inner Tiger: Strength, Beauty and Power.  In school, I dislike reading and grammar – if was never my strong suit.  Instead I loved math and science so writing a book was a huge accomplishment – one I never dreamed of.

With ThetaHealing®, you not only learn that the impossible is possible with the right beliefs and guidance but also if there is something you do not like about your life, job or fiancés or love life that you can change it with a bit of limiting belief work.

But enough about me - What brings you here?  Do you feel stuck unable to find the path that leads to that magical thing called your soul's purpose.  It does seem magical doesn't it - you dream about what it would be like to actually experience it but yet you stumble around trying to find that magic - never really knowing if you are on the right path.

There are many steps to finding that magic end point but there is also a multitude of magic to find along the way - if you would only allow yourself to see…

Tami Reagor

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