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    Not all the people we label a ‘psychic vampire’ are really a psychic vampire. Thing is, I have had people in my life that I thought were psychic vampires, but then I realized it wasn’t them it was me!

    I am a healer and a helper. That is how I was born and that is how I am choosing to live my life. It is my path and my job and it is how I support myself. What sometimes happens to people like me, and you if you are an empath, is that we care so much that when we get together with a friend (or client, family), that is going through a rough time we take on a part of their pain. WE TAKE IT. They don’t ‘suck the life out of us’ ~ we take it!

    For the average person, they can sit with someone and listen to their woes and be compassionate and be a good ear. This is helpful.

    For empaths, we tend to sit and listen, feel their pain, and then we take it and transmute it for them. Without them asking, without them taking, without them even knowing. Sometimes they may recognize that they feel way better after they talk to you; what they don’t know though is that you can sometimes feel horrible afterwards.

    You are now walking around in someone else’s energy. You may find you are sad, or have physical ailments come up, or just not ‘feel like your normal self’.

    You love the people in your life, but sometimes you really need to be alone ~ sometimes you find you even need to be alone for days or weeks!

    If you think you are an empath, and you think that there are psychic vampires around you, maybe it is time to empower yourself and learn to be compassionate and caring without taking negative energy, problems or ailments from others all the time.

    I understand how hard this can be ~ I still take on other peoples crap all the time and don’t even recognize it until later; but perhaps if you recognize this in yourself you will be better able to cope with being an empath.

    I suggest that before you go to certain places or hang out with certain people, you do a psychic protection for yourself.

    Then, if you don’t feel 100% well afterwards, do a clearing meditation. Whether it is to cut etheric cords, or to just generally clear out your aura, you may find it helps.

    Or you could take the advice that I got from my peeps and just stop it!

    Much Love!
    Tamara Empaths-Transmute-Tamara-Hawk

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