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Stephanie’s (aka; Miss-Adventures) passion is advising, writing, and empowering women on dating, relationships, break-ups, being successfully, happily single, and most importantly, developing genuine self-love. Although the tools for developing love are not easy to obtain—nothing significant in life ever is—the rewards are endless. Her knowledge, experience, and expertise come from her own dating/relationship experiences, extensive self-discovery, and healing, along with her intuitive, empathic skills (given by GOD as a child). Stephanie finds her experiences help connect to her love clients on a deeper emotional level, which allows them to achieve their personal goals. Stephanie has been a love expert/coach for over twenty-five years with highly successful love results. Her approach is similar to a best friend, who is not afraid to hold one accountable for their actions and be their biggest cheerleader. She creates a judgment-free loving space for her clients and believes life should never be one big apology, but instead, lead by love, forgiveness, and trust within yourself. Stephanie has been a yoga teacher for over twelve years and a massage therapist for twenty-one years. Stephanie looks forward to helping empower women on their journey and guiding them on this new adventure to self-love.

“We can search a lifetime trying to find the love we need within others, but only search a moment when we realize the love we seek already exists inside us.”

***You can find my relationship articles on Hubpages and on Elephant Journal (under Stephanie Bailey as well as Miss-Adventures/Stephanie Bailey)

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