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Robyn Wahlgast

Top-Rated Dating and Relationship Coach for Women


Robyn Wahlgast is a happily married mother of three who has been helping single women find lasting love and marriage for over a decade. A Rules Certified Dating and Relationship Coach for Women, she is a featured dating expert for Digital Romance, YourTango, FOX News Magazine, Divorced Singles News, and The Wellness Universe.

"Robyn is a great dating coach. She brings a new perspective to dating, relationships, and The Rules."  —Ellen Fein, Author, The Rules

"I love your blog! I wish I'd learned this stuff years ago. Your online dating tips are amazing."

Robyn's practical dating tips will guide you toward complete mastery of male-female dynamics. You will learn how to see the big picture—where your relationship is headed and whether your guy truly loves you—and to sail through each phase of a relationship with confidence.  No more second-guessing and uncertainty. 

"Healthy love is easy. You know he chose you and he's not going anywhere. He doesn't need to be reminded that you exist. Even apart, you are always in his thoughts and in his heart." —Robyn

Maintaining healthy boundaries in your relationships is a life choice. If you're just "playing games" you may turn off the very men you wish to attract. Learn to relate in an authentic and confident way, and attract healthy love into your life.

"Men feel and acknowledge their love for you more deeply when you allow them space to reflect. For most men, love happens in the spaces in between being together. This is hard for women to understand, because love begins for us during periods of togetherness." Robyn


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Robyn Wahlgast

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