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Marion Lynn Connell


I am a retired RN. My mother was also an RN. She enjoyed taking care of the same people day to day and seeing to their adherence to the doctor's oders. She kept her weight down and avoided diabetes. She died of Alzheimer's, another family curse.
I didn't like seeing the same faces day in and day out. I worked in the Emergency Room, the Operating Room, clinics, and a prison. I move for one coast to the other and back and had 2 children along the way. When my weight began to creep upwards, I tried some of the better known diets out there , most had major exercise plans with them . I worked full time with some overtime thrown in, add  single motherhood with 2 kids . Who has time for exercise? I read a book called Fit for Life which talked about what foods should and should not be eaten together and why. It also gave a detox plan. This was okay to follow at first and not too hard to stick to. The problem was having fruit only for breakfast left me hungry within the hour. Then came the book Eat 4 Your Type. Instead of just fruit for breakfast I could have 1 fruit, 1 protein, and 1 carbohydrate. It is the only time carbs and protein can be eaten together, and the only time fruit can be eaten with other foods. It was filling. I got to eat 3 meals a day and yet the weight began to go away. It was slow going at first, but my energy picked up and I began parking my car further from the entrance of my last job. I also began teaching the officers about eating for their blood types, how to fit exercise into their life style and for some, how to monitor their blood sugar as they needed to start coming off their meds and letting their doctors know what was going on. I helped 3 officers avoid diabetic medications and one taper off.
They closed that facility and transferred the inmates to a…

Marion Lynn Connell

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