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Hi — I’m Sleep & Dream Specialist Leah Ann Bolenhere to help you make the most of your Zzz’s!

You’ve no doubt heard… sleep is not a luxury, but the essential elixir for a healthy body and mind.  Healthy sleep is vital for your brain & heart healthblood sugarimmune system, and weight control. Recent research has even found that your brain flushes away toxins while you sleep!

And then there’s your dreams — the most exciting part of slumber.  For dreamtime has been shown to increase your ability to learn, grow, and thrive in life.   It’s dreaming that’s the key for regulating emotions, improving memorylearningperformance, and creative problem solving.

It’s amazing what you can do in your sleep!

Treat your sleep as sacred and honor your dreams. Do this and you’ll feel a whole lot better — more balanced, confident, and energized.  And you’ll discover your dreams are working on your behalf, to help you succeed in your waking life.  Pay attention to your dreams and they’ll reward you with awareness, inspiration, and insights.

Struggling to sleep?  Then, this is your first place to start.  Quality sleep is just as important as eating right and exercise.   Your sleep forms the foundation of your overall wellbeing, and without it the body and mind suffer.  As a certified sleep science coach, I can help you improve your approach to sleep.  We’ll work together to pinpoint what’s causing your restless nights, then design a personalized plan to meet your sleep needs.  Healthy sleep is Natural sleep, and that’s what we’ll aim for you to achieve. 

Want to turbo-charge your dream powers? Well, now we’ve hit on my passion.  In 30 years of work with dreams, I’ve witnessed countless examples of dreamers obtaining unique support and guidance through dreaming.  My own life’s been dramatically enhanced by having a deep connection with my dreams — helping me stay tuned-in and aligned with what’s happening within and around me, in a way no other resource could.  (Heck, I’ve even had a dream help me get promoted!)  Here’s the thing that no one may have told you — Paying attention to your dreams is a great strategy for improving your life!

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Certifications and Credentials

30 year corporate career in positions of leadership & training

Sleep & Dream Specialist, Miraval Resort & Spa

Executive Director and Trainer, Dream.Inc. Services

Presenter, ‘Dream On’ event, University of Arizona

Behavioral Sleep Medicine Series, University of Arizona College of Medicine

‘Cognitive Behavorial Therapy for Insomnia’ program, CBTIweb

DSGP Foundation Series,  lnternational Association for the Study of Dreams

Dreamwork Methods Workshop, Stanley Krippner PhD

Certified Color Therapist, Color Elite

Certified Dreamwork Practitioner, Dreamstar Institute

Certified Sleep Science Coach, Spencer Institute

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