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Lauren Raymond

"We have the ability to create more Joy." -Dalai Lama

I started my career as an Elementary School teacher. After having my children I partnered with a company to free people from physical and financial pain. During this journey of blessing so many lives and growing myself personally, I came to the realization I had so much more to give. I hired a personal coach to find my higher purpose in life. Through our work together, I discovered what it was!  It is Joyful Parenting; teach parents through my experiences, both positive and negative, how to have a more JOYFUL relationship with their children.  A year after I discovered this purpose, I remembered my Jewish name I was given when I was a baby. It is Aleza and it means "Joy". So I truly have found my life's purpose and I can't wait to continue making an impact on  parents' lives!

Lauren Raymond

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