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Judith Campanaro

Facilitating empowerment through creative expression.

A therapeutic art educator since 1976, Judith Campanaro holds an MA in Professional Counseling with Advanced Graduate Studies in Art Therapy.  She is active in promoting the healing power of art through workshops, motivational speaking and empowerment coaching.

Judith is the author of Art for the Soul, the Healing Magic of Creativity, as well as several e-books including The Artful Journey of Self-Discovery.  Soon to be published is her latest book The Wisdomkeepers, Tehachapi Women of Substance. 

Working through the Heart Scan process and with Judith Campanaro. It was fun and pleasant to do. I didn't know what would present itself on the pages. Once completed, I didn't have any idea of how to read the results.I sent them both to Judith and she found insights woven into both pieces that not only applied only to me, and also helped affirm questions I was asking myself.  Loved the process.  Can't wait to do it again!  Thank you Judith
Andi Hicks, Actor, Screenwriter

Doing a HeART Scan with Judith was an eye-opening experience in self-discovery! She is not only a gifted artist and teacher, but also a deeply insightful intuitive. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with her! --Jane Zeok, Board Member Center for Spiritual Living, Lancaster, CA
"The HeART Scan uses the expertise of a soulful artist and the creativity of color to create an abstract yet unrestrained psychoanalytical analysis of the inner self and an open doorway to self-empowerment."
-Joseph Rooney, Teacher and Writer

"On June 14th, 2019 Judith Campanaro did my HeART Scan. This was a very interesting and new process to me. I enjoyed Ms. Campanaro's guidance in keeping my mind clear as I let colors flow onto the page. She then spent some time interpreting my HeART Scan, finding colors and pictures that all represented parts of me. She told me things about myself from this color page that she could not have known. I enjoyed the process and was amazed at the insights she was able to give to me about myself."
-William Watson, Retired Special Educator

Judith Campanaro

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