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Jothi Dugar

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The Chaos Guru - Turning Chaos Into Your Superpower and helping people reach their maximum potential

WHAT IF HAVING MORE CHAOS IN YOUR LIFE WAS THE SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS?I know that might sound crazy. The suicide & burnout rate among Corporate IT Executives & Leaders is in the top 10 out of all the occupations.But get this… burnout, stress, overwhelm, and depression is not only affecting Executives and Top Leadership…IT, Cyber, and Technology professionals at every level of an organization are feeling the undue stress of being wired to technology and having to be available to manage the chaos of their day 24x7.The result?
Higher risks of alcohol and drug abuse, more workplace errors resulting in breaches costing millions of dollars to organizations, security incidents, workforce retention worries, failing marriages, mental health, low morale, absenteeism, a higher risk of mortality… & yes, even suicide.You would think with statistics like that LESS CHAOS is really what people need.But that doesn’t work.My name is Jothi & I’ve spent more than 25 years in the Technology and Cyber industry, and I know first hand the toll it has on your mind, body, and soul.
I had thought to myself, what can I do to help people with this just by myself?  
And, guess what?  
It took a life and death traumatic scene in my life story to help me realize that I do have the power to start a movement to help others.  After being given 6 weeks to live from the birth of my third baby under the hands of an incompetent OB, and having healed myself through the power of intention, mindset, and the power of holistic healing modalities, I know my mission was calling for me.
My goal is to integrate Holistic Well-Being programs to help overwhelmed Tech Leaders reclaim their wellness, happiness, time, & freedom…without sacrificing their passion to innovate and grow their careers, their organizations, and their people.Wondering how?I help them fall in love with chaos.By helping IT leaders and their employees harness the power of chaos,  through Positive Intelligence, Mindset, and Mind-Body-Energy Intelligence programs into the corporate setting, Leaders AND their teams can 10x their success, performance, AND happiness of their teams.Who wouldn't want that right?If that sounds like something you’d like, sign up for your FREE CHAOS CLARITY CALL!I’ve set aside time to meet with you 1 x 1 to help you regain the balance & energy you need to make a massive impact in your own life and for your organization, and say bye bye to burnout for good.Book your FREE CHAOS CLARITY CALL & I’ll see you there:*** “Before I met Jothi, I was sick, tired, burned out and ready to quit my job in the high stress corporate world. Within a matter of a week, Jothi's techniques, coaching, and just being around her energy, not only saved my career- it saved my life”  - Bobby C

Awards and Affiliations
  • Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year 2020 Finalist
  • FedScoop50 Cybersecurity Leader of the Year 2020 Finalist
  • 29 Highly Influential CISOs
  • FedHealthIT Top 100 Winner
  • Holistic Enterprise Cyber Safety – Best Cybersecurity Article by Google
  • ISC2 Information Security Leadership Award (ISLA) Finalist 2018
  • 2020 Finalist Woman Cybersecurity Leader Of The Year
  • NIH Leadership in Cyber & Employee Wellness Awards
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Power of Healing 360

BollyNatyam Masala Dance Academy


Cybersecurity Hub

Women in Cybersecurity

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Certifications and Credentials

-          Certified Reiki Master               - Energy Clearing                                 - Dance Director

-          Certified EFT Master                - Life Coach                                         - Yoga & Meditation

     Positive Intelligence PQ Coach

-          Certified Core Rehab Specialist - Motivational & Inspirational Speaker   - Dance Movement

-          Certified Dance Fitness &

Hip-hop Aerobics Instructor

-          Angel Card Readings                - Author & Writer                                 - Wellness Coach

Jothi Dugar

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