• Jenny Mannion posted an update 2 years ago

    Morning Musings…

    How to Fall in Love with Yourself

    Speak kindly to yourself
    You hear your own words
    more than anyone else’s.

    Set healthy boundaries
    Remember you teach people
    how you want to be treated.

    Nurture yourself with self-care
    Only with your own well filled
    will you have water to give.

    Treat yourself with tenderness
    As you would a dear loved one;
    a close friend, child or pet.

    Offer yourself forgiveness
    because if you have remorse
    you have learned a priceless lesson.

    Allow yourself to get silly
    fun and laughter brings us back
    to the childlike state of wonder.

    Allow yourself to feel and process
    but not to be swept away by emotions
    Emotions are our internal compass.

    Bring back a joyful moment.
    Feel and relive every second of it
    It will remind you life can be wonderful!

    Take time to get quiet and go within
    It is only in silence
    that you can hear your soul.

    Pay gratitude for all the goodness in your life
    and please don’t forget yourself.
    You do more than you ever give yourself credit for.

    Practice your passions and joys regularly.
    This connects you deep within your soul
    and puts you in flow with life.

    Take time to be in the present moment
    the past can hold you back
    and the future can create uncertainty.

    Treasure and enjoy the journey.
    Give yourself credit for how far you have come
    I bet it is further than you once thought possible.

    Love yourself unconditionally
    we are all learning as we go
    and you are doing a fabulous job!