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Mentor and guide to coaches, clinicians and agents of change here to transform the world for the better, and help others do the same: Pathfinders - those who are here to find their unique path of genius and service, walk it successfully, and help others do the same.

This work helps Pathfinders to change what they want to change, transform tragedy into triumph, and set themselves free, through the wisdom of their mind, body and soul, supporting a fuller expression of the unique gifts, talents and abilities of an individual soul.

Formerly an engineer, excruciating pain that that was unaffected by conventional treatments, put me on a path of research and discovery to find a way out of torment. I've studied with the Medical Doctors who founded the Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and the Academy for Guided Imagery, trained with Mindful Schools, with Shamans, and many healers; some grounded in scientific research, others wildly instinctual.

Since 2001, developed a reputation for getting results not thought possible, and have facilitated holistic recovery for trauma survivors, as well as teaching educators, helping professionals and clinicians to incorporate mind-body skills into their work. Helped the homeless, the incarcerated and those in transition, along with corporate professionals and high achievers, to expand beyond their limits, and bring their unique genius into expression.

My approach is driven by the understanding that no matter what you’ve done, or has been done to you, it’s all healable.

I consult to help incorporate evidence-based practices and programs for stress reduction, pain management, trauma healing, team-building and wellness, and teach simple ways to make practical use of the mind-body connection, with methods that relieve stress, pain, anxiety and trauma; increase attention, enhance impulse control, increase empathy for self and others, improve relationship dynamics, and encourage skillful responses to challenging life situations.

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