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Gina Di Iorio

"Achieving your optimal health and well being naturally!"

A New Jersey native, a Clinical Nutritionist, owner of Holistic Nutritious Solutions, LLC and co-host of talk radio show “Awaken to Your Purpose” and “Living Consciously.” I encourage my clientele to embrace a healthy, vibrant lifestyle using nutrition as a foundation for optimal health.  Following the model of Holistic Health: body, mind/emotion and spirit I focus on emphasizing self-achievement through positive and healthy lifestyle practices in my custom programs. I create customized health and wellness programs and provides nutritional protocols, lifestyle modifications focusing on the needs and goals of my clients.
I provide weight loss/lifestyle transformation. I provide “Lunch and Learn” workshops for corporate and small business demonstrating healthy aging practices, promote stress reducing activities and healthy nutrition programs for groups and one-to-one consultations in order to increase productivity in the workplace. My primary focus is helping my clients achieve their health goals in a positive influential environment. These include but not limited to Dis-arm Stress, nurture the mind/body and spirit and practice methods for nourishing and improving the health and wellness of individuals.
My whole body Holistic approach encompasses all aspects of body, mind/emotion and spirit. In addition to these modalities, I include the following CUSTOM health and management wellness plans:Nutrition; Detox/Nutritional Cleansing; Weight loss; Obesity; Weight Management; Healthy Aging; Emotional Well-being; IBS, Crohn's Disease; Diabetes; Kinesiology Testing; pH Balancing; Personal Care/Development; Cholesterol; Vegan/Vegetarian; Corporate Wellness; Stress Management; Crohn’s Dis-ease; Wealth Creation.
I am available for speaking engagements addressing Holistic Health and workshops. My audience has included: The Girls Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey, Catholic Charities, Northern Burlington Regional Chamber of Commerce and Mission First.
My website and contact information is:
“Achieving Optimal Health and Well Being Naturally!”

Awards and Affiliations

PWBN (Professional Women's Business Network)- 2016

NBR  Northern Burlington Regional Chamber of Commerce-2016

Gina Di Iorio

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