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 Author, Board Certified Master Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapist , RMT, Life & Spiritual Coach, Speaker, Instructor, Artist, Pianist

Gina Cannone is a board certified master clinical hypnotherapist, specializing in      Weight loss, Smoking Cessation, Self-Esteem issues, Behavioral problems, Fears and Phobias, Pain control, Anxiety/Stress, Grief and Past life regressions.                                            

She studied at the Institute of Hypnotherapy, New Jersey and is a member of the International Hypnosis Federation.   

Gina is also an Author and recognized for her gift of intuitiveness  and is a true spiritualist.  

The gift she believes in foremost; is the gift of the “power of prayer.”  Experiencing this first hand many times throughout her life, praying and receiving, led her to write about these true and amazing experiences.                                               


Her first book; “IT’S TIME to BELIEVE”, explores Gina’s spiritual side, and the extraordinary journey of her life to date.   “IT’S TIME to BELIEVE” is about answered prayers and how one can find fortune, happiness, loving relationships and a clearer path to achieve personal and professional goals.  The chapters in the book juxtapose amazing true stories throughout Gina’s life, along with advice and guidance on how to make your prayers and wishes come true.  The heart of “IT’S TIME to BELIEVE”, is prayer-intertwined with psychic and clairvoyant events.   Her second book: Automatic trance Writing, instructs on how to connect with higher power to receive messages from beyond that will help guide and change your life.  Her third book will be launched January 2020, “FINDING YOUR WAY” after difficult life transitions.   A guide on how to re-enter life, rebuild and become complete and whole again. 

In addition to a strong audience from her books, Gina’s insightful and accurate readings combined with the successful outcomes of Hypnotherapy; has led to a loyal and large following.  Gina also leads Spiritual and Hypnotherapy seminars and conducts life coaching with the goal to enlighten, inspire and help those who need to get back on a positive path.

Gina is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Fine Arts and is an award winning muralist.  She has hosted her own how to television show in the New York area and presently continues part-time in the art & design field.

Gina Cannone’s talents span the spectrum from the art world to the spiritual world as an educator, spiritualist, hypnotherapist, author and artist.  



Gifted Spiritualist-Author–C.Hypnotherapist

Member of the International Hypnosis Federation

Certified HypnoCounselor, (NJ)

Certified Hypnotherapist, (PA)






“It’s Time To Believe”

“Automatic Trance Writing”

“Finding Your Way”



Awards and Affiliations

Member of IHF -International Hypnosis Federation | IHF Certified Instructor | Member of Medical & Dental IHF |

Causes and Organizations

CHARITIES: St. Jude Hospital | ASCPCA |


Gina Cannone

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