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Your voice needs to carry a resonance of power – which means that you are clear, heard and trusted. It means that doors will open, you will make more money, and be seen as more successful.

Dr. Miluna Fausch has an intuitive and scientific problem-solving perspective coming from years of multi-faceted experience in 9 – 5, retail, as an entrepreneur, serving on non-profit boards, and on stage and screen as a performer.  She has sold everything from magazine advertising to Steinway grand pianos. Miluna is an intuitive sound healer who helps clients through sound and words.

Dr. Miluna has a B.S. in Music Business, is a certified HHCP – Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner and has a Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology accompanied by extensive training in voice, acting, energy healing and intuition. She is certified as a Miracle-Minded Coach trained by Marianne Williamson. Dr. Miluna created her proprietary 7-step Vocal Archetypes® to train conscientious C-suite executives and thought leaders in confident, effective, high frequency speaking & presence.

In her free time, she can be found pondering metaphysical matters with her superpowers, attending concerts and lectures, wine tasting, watching Formula 1 auto races, serving on the Advisory Board of Love Never Fails to stop human trafficking, and serving as a college mentor with MVLA Scholars. She carries a Swiss passport.

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Hear from her Happy Clients ~

“Working with Dr. Miluna has been highly beneficial and a wonderful experience overall. Her positive attitude and drive are contagious, and her expertise in the field is unparalleled. I highly recommend working with Dr. Miluna in any capacity and in any form of engagement.”  – Dr. Sinan Altug, CEO of Rakon

“Dr. Miluna Fausch, (Dr. M), has been an outstanding voice and speaking coach for me. I hired, Dr. M to help develop my professional presence and speaking from my heart skills to launch our new OUTDOOR compassion teaching business. Dr. M exceeded my expectations for presentation training and as a content collaborator on two compassion programing pitch projects for neurodiversity students. I recommend Dr. M highly and without reservation. Thank you.”  –  Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D., Compassion Teacher and Researcher at F+ Productions, LLC

“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Miluna over the course of several months. She is an excellent executive coach and helped me not only improve the mechanics of my communication style (including how to adapt to the world of zoom and virtual meetings), but also the content itself. I recommend her highly for any leader looking to improve their presence for external and internal purposes.” – Adam Park, CEO of Softdocs

“Originally I reached out to Dr. Miluna to help with voice instruction but I have to say I received so much more! Dr. Miluna truly tries to understand the client, their background, and their goals before developing a program and approach. She then builds on this foundation as you progress through the program, making adjustments and tailoring it to your objectives as needed. Dr. Miluna helped with not only the voice mechanics but also provided tips and guidance on health and wellness. She was in a word, transformational. Whether for personal instruction or corporate groups, I would highly recommend Dr. Miluna for an engagement. I will more than likely be having follow on sessions with her once I’ve had a chance to practice the techniques that she has provided.”  – Kevin Fawver, Global Head of Customer Experience at KloudGin

“As a solo entrepreneur who does a lot of public speaking and online webinars and social media videos, I wanted to know that I was not doing anything to damage my voice. Just as importantly, I wanted to be able to use my voice to its full effect. Dr. Miluna taught me how to take care of my voice with stretches and vocal exercises, but what was really special about our time together was that she gave me a personalized “recipe” just for my voice–a guideline for how to use my voice to access a full range of emotions from the loving mother to the authoritative, experienced expert that I am. My work with Dr. M. allowed me to film a series of videos with pride and confidence.” – Elizabeth Stitt, Joyful Parenting Coaching

Awards and Affiliations

I am a member of National and international communities: Holistic Health Collaborative, LeadHERship Global, C-Suite Network, and my Carmel Woman's Club.

Causes and Organizations

I have the honor of serving on the Advisory Board for Love Never Fails to stop Human Trafficking.

Certifications and Credentials

Miracle-Minded Coach – Trained & Certified by Marianne Williamson, Washington, DC

Ph.D. in Holistic Psychology  - American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness, New York, NY

Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner (HHCP)  - American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness, New York, NY

ARCH® “Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing” Certified Vibrational Energy Healing Practitioner and Kahuna ARCH® Intuitive.

B.S. Music Business with a Minor in Voice Performance  - Indiana State University

Certified Level 3 Somatic Voicework™ Teacher, NYC

Voiceworks® Associate, LA

Certified Modern Day Muse Group Facilitator

Extensive private study in business, metaphysics, abundance, singing, acting, camera technique, improvisation, and care of the professional voice


Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, PhD

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