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Carina declutters your environment, mind, heart and soul; with your clean canvas and the source of your challenge in hand, everything is possible!

Carina Ghionzoli is a Source Coach, Writer, Facilitator and Radio Show Producer with an “off the wall” approach to find the magic within you and your relationships.

Carina impels you to dare to be your awesome self and motivates you to shine your light into the world.

To live an enchanted life is imaginable and possible, just let the magic begin….

When she isn’t coaching clients to transmute their fears, Producing Radio Shows and blurbs, she creates courses and writes.

 Carina uses her Source Coaching, blogs, "The Breaking Fear Paradigm" and "WaveMaker" to support you in your quest!

Do you dare change your fear? Do you dare live an incredible life?


Do you dare join Carina?

Carina Ghionzoli

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