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I am the founder of the product "Nordic Light & Fishing Krill Oil (Omega 3)" Company "Arctic Light Products AS.Arctic Light Products Ltd is a Tromsø-based trading company in Norway, founded in 2010 on recommendation from Innovation Norway.  The company originated from the company Northern Light Products Ltd which was founded in 2009 and has developed with Omega 3 krill oil product under the brand name Nordic Light.

The product is called Nordic Light Fish and Krill Oil.  Arctic Light will deliver health food products directly from Norwegian Producers to distributors in the market.  Arctic Light Products AS (AS ALP) activity was started from an idea to create the best product on the market. I had personal experience from many years as both a fisherman, fishing boat captain and owner / captain of a trawler before I started the development in Arctic Light Products.

The product we developed in cooperation with a man of Omega3 from the University of Tromsø has resulted in Krill & Omega 3 capsules of very high quality. The oils used are tested several times before it is produced to the capsules. To our customers, we provide the purest product of its kind on the market, with a mixture of 70% high concentrated Omega 3 (not from the liver) but from fish meat and 30% Krill Oil. Nordic Light Krill & Fish oil is a high quality product, wooden consists of 70% highly concentrated omega-3 and 30% krill oil. It's not a product that is similar to ours. Dove.  We have a mixture of fish oil and krill oil. It is what makes our product unique because the absorption of omega-3 in the body becomes much more efficient.


Production technology and composition.

Because "regular" fish oil omega3 uptake is about 45% while overusing our mix is ?? footage of Omega3 that ca.92-94%, this is because phospholipids in krill oil is mixed with fish oil. So our mix is very easily soluble in water i.e the body and this means that the absorption of omega-3 is much larger.Anyone who has seen the Northern Lights knows that it makes an impression. It is said that this light has a magical Wed which impacts both people and fish. Our raw materials come from the Aurora Sea. The name of Northern Light came to me while I worked to find the right color of the product, the red heart color.The whole process has been carried out by a genuine desire to help people with a product that makes a qualitative difference. The mixture 70% high concentrated Omega 3 and 30% Krill oil has so far given us great positive feedback. It heats.Customers notice a positive effect after a short time, we receive so much feedback in Norway that for us is almost a fairy tale but the best professions also believe that it was appropriate to focus on quality, quality and again quality.

Such requirements were during the time I ran the fishing boat shipping companies. All fish came on board are treated so that they are a prime commodity.We were also lucky to find the expertise we needed for the production here in Tromsø. The factory is in Troms in the northern most part of Norway.  Interest Geographically, this is just good for a product name as the Nordic Light with raw materials and production occurring from the Northern Region.   Although I have spent nearly five years to get where I wanted with the Nordic Light. It is now time to present an optimal product. I wish with all my heart to help improve the health of humans, and involved in this wooden adventure with a genuine desire to give to self-help for all your loved ones: family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues or whoever may be.Facts about the Nordic Light Krill & Fish Oil:- PREVENT heart disease- Improves memory and concentration- Have a positive impact Wed skin aging- Protects skin from UV radiation- Have a positive impact digestion- Helps Reduce depression and improve quality of life- Has proven efficacy in PMS relief- PREVENT sore and stiff joints- Beneficial for cholesterolALP AS currently has offices in Tromsø, Norway. Today the product is in Norway, South Africa, Dubai, Qatar, China, U.S. A as well as plans to open in several countries.

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