• Amy Camie posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    So many people are dealing with trauma, stress, mental health issues and sleep problems. If you’re a therapist, counselor, life coach or someone who helps others with these types of issues, please consider sharing “The Magic Mirror” CD on your website through my new Affiliate Program. If you’re not familiar with Affiliate Programs, message me – it’s easy to set up. Here’s more info: http://www.spiritualharpist.com/affiliate_program/ ♥ #WUVIP

    • Hi Amy! I have a friend who is working on a creating a website for me (versus the blog site I have) and once I do, you are still on my radar for this! And, if you see me announce my website…I’m open to a gentle reminder. 😉

      • Thanks so much!! Congratulations on birthing a new site – It’s quite a process. 🙂

        • Indeed! He had lost internet due to some financial issues, then got a full time job, and now he is understandably tired, considering what he is doing is physical labor, versus what he did before. And, THAT I can totally understand, considering I’ve been working full time in a restaurant for the better part of the last year, when I was an “office person” and without any job for over a year. 😉 Divine order & timing. It will appear when it appears.